Don’t Lose Hope When You’ve Been Detained

Don’t Lose Hope When You’ve Been Detained

Reach out to a Savannah, GA immigration bond hearing attorney

Have you been detained because of a visa violation? Did you enter the country illegally? Fight for your release with the help of the Fisher Law Office. An immigration bond is paid to the Department of Homeland Security to release an individual who has been detained by immigration. You’ll have to go through a bond hearing before you can be granted a bond for your release. The judge will weigh a number of factors when determining your fate—I will represent you in court and examine your unique circumstances, compiling evidence that can be used in your favor.

Give yourself the best possible chance at acquiring an immigration bond. Hire the Fisher Law Office to represent you during your immigration bond hearing.

The Fisher Law Office can represent you in federal court

If you’re facing a charge in a federal court, contact Savannah, Georgia’s Fisher Law Office. I can represent you in legal matters relating to:

  • Tax crimes
  • Human trafficking
  • Drug crimes, and more

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