Questions About Child Support?

Questions About Child Support?

Meet with a child support lawyer in Savannah, GA

How can you make sure that your child gets the financial support they need after your divorce is final? Talk to attorney Daveniya Fisher of the Fisher Law Office in Savannah, GA today. I can answer any questions you have about child support payments. Are you unable to pay for child support because your financial situation has changed? I can also assist with child support modifications

Be prepared for your child support modifications

Negotiating child support payments with your former spouse can be stressful for everyone involved. It's best to be prepared-you need a trusted child support lawyer by your side. Here are just a few of the questions we can discuss when you meet with me:

  • How do I apply for child support?
  • What do I do when I've been ordered to pay child support?
  • How is the child support amount decided on?
  • What if I've been ordered to pay child support, but don't know if I'm the father?
  • How long will it take to establish a court order after I submit my child support application?
  • How do child support modifications work?

I can help you apply for the support you need or follow up after a court order. During the negotiations, I can represent you to ensure that your needs are met. After the amount is decided on, I'll be there to help you dispute it or modify it, as needed.