Are You Planning to File for Divorce?

Are You Planning to File for Divorce?

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If you're getting ready to file for divorce in Savannah, Georgia, you may feel overwhelmed. A divorce attorney can help. Reach out to attorney Daveniya Fisher of the Fisher Law Office. I'll work with you one-on-one as you prepare to separate from your spouse. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your situation.

3 frequently asked questions about divorce

Here are a few of the questions clients typically have when they meet with a divorce attorney in Savannah, Georgia:

  1. How do you file for divorce? You’ll be asked to provide reasons for separation and details about your current living situation.
  2. How long will the process take? Every divorce is different. If the negotiations go smoothly, the process can take several months. In other cases, it can take years.
  3. Who gets custody of the children? The court will make a custody decision based on the best interests of the child. A divorce attorney can represent you as you fight for your parental rights.

I can answer these questions and others about filing for divorce when you meet with me during your consultation. Call 912-330-2719 to make an appointment.