Hire a Savannah, GA divorce attorney

Hire a Savannah, GA divorce attorney

I Will Help You File For Divorce in Savannah, GA

Divorce can take a major toll on your emotional and physical health, but that doesn’t mean it has to drain you financially, too. The Fisher Law Office understands how difficult divorce can be and will provide the compassionate representation you need to move on with your life. I will represent you and make sure that your voice is heard during all negotiations while filing for divorce. You can trust me to make sure all assets from the marriage are split accordingly and get you what you deserve.

If you don’t have children or property to divide, I will represent you for a flat fee of $750. Call a divorce attorney at 912-330-2719 today. 

Get sound legal counsel during your divorce in Savannah, Georgia

The Fisher Law Office has handled divorce cases for more than eight years and can guide you through the difficult legal process. I will assist with:

  • Division of assets
  • Alimony
  • Child custody
  • Legal separation

Trust me to take care of all of the above and more. Get in touch with the Fisher Law Office to get started.